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A heavier shaft will definatley get a penetrating ball flight as well as lower tradjectory. this will also reduce spin. ust proforce v2 are very well engineered shafts and will definatley get the ball out there with a very good trajectory.Oct 12, 2015 Low Launch/Spin Driver Shaft Recommendations - posted in WRX Club the best option to optimize my numbers: CURRENT DRIVER SHAFT .While most of the people want a low spin, low launch shaft, I on the other hand, am having problem with too low spin and launch on my driver. 🙁 Reply.Dec 28, 2018 Content filed under the Driver Shafts category. Enjoy and Good Golf, Russ. This entry was It designates a low launch, low spin design.

Page 4 of 4 - Best Low Spin Driver/shaft Options In Peoples Experience - posted in Golf Equipment: I have a similar problem to the OP - spinning my drives up 3500rpm+ I went from a Srixon Z545 10.5* with a stock Kuro Kage shaft in a stiff flex to a Ping G LS Tec with a Matrix Ozik HD10 in a X Stiff flex. Only played a couple of rounds.Hey golf nuts I'm trying to do some shaft experimenting in my driver. I'm curious what some of the best high launch low spin driver shafts are that some of you would recommend.The best way to determine whether a low-spin driver is best is to work with a custom-fitter and try a lot of clubs and shafts. Drivers , Equipment , For Your Game , Toy Box Extra September.The Project X EvenFlow driver shaft line has a fourth model, the T1100 White. The T1100 designation has been used in the past in the HZRDUS line. It designates a low launch, low spin design.The HZRDUS T1100 is a very different profile as we will see later in the article.

Low spin driver shafts I have tryed many new drivers in simulators and the spin rate is way to high.This guy says that I need a higher lofted driver with a low spin low launch shaft in it,does this make sense to you? The only 2 drivers that came close to the right launch and spin rate were the titleist 910 d3 and the taylor made R9 both Xflex shafts.My launch angle with my 7.5 is about.Jan 11, 2018 Understanding golf shaft launch and spin is the key to choosing the Titleist has done a good job of showing the relative Trajectory (Launch) and Spin of In a typical driver fitting, for example, a Low trajectory shaft may .For this test, we used 7 series of shafts (ex. Mitsubishi’s Diamana series with the R, B, and W shafts, being high, medium, and low spin, respectively). Each series of shafts was tested by one of four different golfers. The golfer hit five good shots with each shaft, using the same driver head and ball for every shot they hit. All the data can be seen below.Have a 10.5 driver…ball forward if left heel…3 3/4″ tees…and driver head adjusted to 12.5*….strikes are mid/high face for good spin and launch….my problem is according to the TM chart…it seems with my 10.5 head increased to 12.5 closes.

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Search by name, filter by weight or launch/spin characteristics, and compare specs Driver & Fairway The best way to select the best shaft is by hitting shots with a trusted, expert Additionally, shafts with high tip frequencies tend to decrease launch and feel firmer at impact, while shafts with low tip frequencies.Low spin means low launch; some Tour Z 55 LS Low Spin Driver Shaft .Pro launch red is lower launching, and lower spin than the blue, which is more mid launch. I have a red in my driver. Great shaft. Reminds me a lot of the prolite 35s which preceded it, and is still the best shaft.The shaft features increased stiffness along the full length of the golf shaft, which HZRDUS Black is a low spinning and low launching shaft that is available.

The shaft offers high a high launch angle with low spin rates for optimum ball flights. It is available in a range of weights, ranging from 68 to 86 g, so it can be beneficial to a variety of players of differing ability levels.Its really not about how good your best is.its more about keeping your not so So I'm a big believer in low cg, low spin, high launch.With the Fukikura options, the Speeder profiles are pretty solid some are classic for a low-spin, low-launch slightly heavier shaft. Kuro Kage offers a higher balance point. Ping have also moved the balance point higher and added head weight to create more mass at impact.However a high launch low spin shaft theoretically does not exist. Scientific data has shown that dynamic loft at impact determines launch angle and spin. Increased dynamic loft results in high launch and high spin. Decreased dynamic loft results in low launch and low spin. So in effect high launch low spin cannot be achieved from the effect of dynamic.

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