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The Network Driver Interface Specification (NDIS) is an application programming interface (API) The traffic accepted by the NIC is controlled by an NDIS miniport Driver while various The port driver does much of the work required for the device class, and the miniport driver supports device-specific characteristics.

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  • Apr 19, 2017 Step 5: Read the miniport driver introduction topics. Types of NDIS Miniport Drivers Network Interface Card Support Important Features.

  • A miniport driver calls the NdisMRegisterMiniportDriver function to register MiniportXxx entry points with NDIS as the first step in initialization. A pointer to an NDIS_MINIPORT_DRIVER_CHARACTERISTICS structure that the caller initialized. NdisMiniportDriverHandle.

  • Updating the NDIS 6.0 Protocol Driver characteristics Structure. 04/19/2017; 2 minutes to read; Contributors. Duncan MacMichael .

  • Apr 19, 2017 The system calls DriverEntry after it loads the driver. DriverEntry registers the miniport driver's characteristics with NDIS (including the .

  • Apr 19, 2017 Filter modules are attached to an underlying miniport adapter. NDIS can dynamically insert or delete filter modules in the driver stack, .

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It contains both Universal Windows Driver and desktop-only driver samples. - Microsoft/Windows-driver-samples. Skip to content. NDIS miniport driver without requiring a physical network adapter. This NDIS_TIMER_CHARACTERISTICS Timer; // // Allocate memory for adapter context.

  1. An NDIS miniport driver defines its interrupt characteristics in an NDIS_MINIPORT_INTERRUPT_CHARACTERISTICS structure and passes the structure to the NdisMRegisterInterruptEx function. typedef struct _NDIS_MINIPORT_INTERRUPT_CHARACTERISTICS { NDIS_OBJECT_HEADER Header; MINIPORT_ISR_HANDLER.

  2. Nov 25, 2018 An NDIS miniport driver has two basic functions: Managing a network interface card (NIC), including sending and receiving data through the .

  3. To specify its driver characteristics, a filter driver initializes an NDIS_FILTER_DRIVER_CHARACTERISTICS structure and passes it to NDIS. Skip to main content. Try Microsoft Edge A fast and secure browser Synchronous OID requests are supported only for miniport and protocol drivers. Filter drivers cannot make Synchronous OID request calls.

Nov 7, 2018 An NDIS driver initializes an NDIS_MINIPORT_DRIVER_CHARACTERISTICS structure to define its miniport driver characteristics, including .

  1. NdisIMRegisterLayeredMiniport uses this structure when it registers a driver's miniport entry points and name with the NDIS library. An NDIS intermediate driver should initialize this structure with zeros before setting up any of its members. The structure at NDIS_MINIPORT_CHARACTERISTICS is defined as follows.

  2. NDIS_MINIPORT_DRIVER_WDI_CHARACTERISTICS structure. 05/02/2018; 2 minutes to read In this article. The NDIS_MINIPORT_DRIVER_WDI_CHARACTERISTICS structure defines the set of handlers that a WDI miniport driver must implement.

  3. An NDIS driver passes a pointer to its NDIS_MINIPORT_DRIVER_CHARACTERISTICS structure in the MiniportDriverCharacteristics parameter of the NdisMRegisterMiniportDriver function. A miniport driver calls NdisMRegisterMiniportDriver from its DriverEntry routine (see also DriverEntry of NDIS Miniport Drivers.

Updating the NDIS 6.0 Miniport Driver Characteristics Structure. 04/19/2017; 2 minutes to read; Contributors. Duncan MacMichael .

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