Correct Setup for A Golf Driver

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  • A wider stance means you will swing the driver in a wider arc. This can throw off your timing, so keep your feet relatively close together at first. Focus on getting your stance correct before bringing the club into position. Once you have mastered this, you can do both simultaneously to improve.

  • Throughout my 15 years of teaching, I've learned no two swings are alike. I've also learned that, despite the individual thumbprint every player puts on his or her .

  • Complete Guide to The Perfect Golf Setup – Part 1. Part 1 of 7 → Stance. In the first part of this setup guide, we’ll look at proper golf alignment… Even though most amateur golfers understand the importance of lining themselves up correctly on the golf course (and have a fair idea what it consists of), I still see alignment issues in the majority of players.

  • Sep 9, 2013 'School of Golf' host Martin Hall teaches the proper golf stance for addressing the ball with your driver and irons. Watch 'School of Golf' .

  • You could setup to the golf ball with your driver in much the same way as with any other club, and play great golf. The standard setup that we describe in Golf Swing Drill 108 – Setup: Addressing the Golf Ball is perfect for a powerful, accurate, consistent and safe golf swing.

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Chris Ryan PGA Professional at The Belfry shows you a simple pre shot routine that can help you address the ball much better with the driver and hit more fairways Subscibe to Chris.

Rickie Fowler offers tips for how to drive the golf ball, saying you don't need to be big to hit the ball far, you just need to set up properly and release correctly.

Set up and drop your right hand off the club, letting it hang Make sure you can move it straight back to the grip without having to reach. If you feel like you're reaching, move closer.

  1. The setup is a vital part of the golf swing. You need a good pre-shot routine, a full shoulder turn on the backswing and a complete follow-through. But it all begins with the proper setup, which will place your body and the club in the correct positions to execute a powerful swing.

  2. In order to hit the golf ball correctly, you must set up correctly. The driver is the longest club in the bag with the least amount of loft. This means.

  3. Pick the right club. While you mostly use a driver off the tee for a par 4 or par 5, you have options of another wood or iron. You won’t always use a driver when driving a golf ball. Some holes will be set up so that you have to use a 3, 5, or even 7 wood, or one of your irons.

In addition, try the following drill, which is an easy way to help you set up behind the ball at address with the driver, rather than on top. Assume your normal setup, then remove your right hand from the club and place it behind your right.

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